HermidaMovies was born in 1995.

Since then, it has produced more than two hundred and eighty pieces, with multiple narrative genres.

He has a great experience in audiovisual production and provides a level of service that is very satisfactory for demanding and important local and multinational agencies. They have filmed for the producer Marcelo Epstein and Marcos Carnevale, director of Elsa & Fred, Corazón de León and El fútbol o yo.

The productions are adapted to each project and budget, where the cost-benefit equation is a valued differential, ranging from television and film formats to content for social networks. Among the services, it also makes institutional videos, web series, short films and video clips.

Hernán Canales coordinates the art department and post. He works with projects in Motion Graphics, 3D and animation contents in multiple platforms, providing his contribution from the script to the on-line. The production company is led by Sebastián Hermida, its president.